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First Hole

Simple starting hole that can catch out a greedy drive. Don’t go left. Easy fairway wood to the top of the hill and a wedge to the downhill green













Second Hole

Great uphill Par 4. Turns right around a large tree – drive it up the left side(stay out of the creek). Uphill approach requires at least one more club than you expect to a very trick hard sloping green.












Third Hole

Nice little Par 3 – downhill; plays one club shorter than the yardage suggests. Creek on the right of the green catches many wayward tee-shots. Green has two tiers, sloping away from the front of the green.














Fourth Hole

Nice Par 4, tee it up and drive between the trees at the front of the tee – right side of the fairway keeps you away from the OOB and gives the right angle to the green. Another approach shot that invariably comes up short – false front on green adds to the confusion.

Grass bunker on the right of the green frames the target for the approach.














Fifth Hole

Extremely difficult Par 3. Plays over 200 metres uphill from the back tee. You need an exact tee shot to thread the needles between the trees and then shape the ball correctly to reach the green. For your sake, keep the ball below the pin.













Sixth Hole

Very pretty Par 4, with a lateral water hazard. Lay it up at the corner – leave yourself an easy short iron OR blast it over the left hand corner and go for the front of the green. Be aware the the green slopes hard from front to back.


Seventh Hole

Clever little Par 4. Either lay it up short of the bottle neck or try and drive it close to the green. The more you bite off the bigger the risk.














Eighth Hole

Let it fly – Tee-off the top of the hill. You can get there in two… but make sure you negotiate the big tree on the creek or you will get wet.














Ninth Hole

Get your club selection right, based on the wind. Hit it short and expect a very difficult up and down. Go long and it’s even tougher.














Tenth Hole

The 10th hole is the first of two short driveable par 4’s that offer some relief. Get the ball in the generous fairway – leaving a simple approach to the green OR have a go and reap the rewards / suffer the consequences. Out of Bounds right will catch a bad drive off the tee.














Eleventh Hole.

Many players take this hole on with the driver, which gives reward for risk… But a simple lay-up and short iron will keep the bogeys at bay. The green has a massive tier that almost acts as a false front.













Twelfth Hole.

192 Metres – blind tee shot for the men – all downhill. Judgement obviously is your main problem here. Carrying the ball all the way to the green OR land it short left to feed onto the putting service. Any miss right is in trouble, as the ball will run down the hill further than you think.














Thirteenth Hole

Bit of a sleeper hole. A good fairway wood / hybrid will give you a view of the green – which has a bank to the right that feeds approach shots to the green. The green slopes right to left as well, so try and get your approach below the hole.














Fourteenth Hole.

Great Par 5, 515 metres, Out of Bounds all the way down the left – so a drive down the right centre brings the green into play. Another tough hole to judge the distance to the green from a downhill lie. A Classic golf hole.














Fifteenth Hole

170+ metres into a very well protected green. Pick your club, and commit to your shot or be left with a tricky recovery from around the green.














Sixteenth Hole

A good tee shot left of the pines will set this hole up for you. Shaping the drive left to right keeps the ball from rolling downhill into the trees, then a slightly uphill approach to a generous green.














Seventeenth Hole

A ‘big tree’ protects the fairway, and asks for some shot making to get around it. It’s about 200 metres to the trees straight ahead, so either drive it left to right OR lay it up. The fairway and green all falls strongly to the right – so stay left if you can.





Eighteenth HoleOur Best

One of the best finishing holes you will ever play, 450 metres, with tests of nerves all the way. The drive needs accuracy over length, the approach shot needs both. Try and keep your drive centre–left to avoid getting caught on the hill. Enjoy the views and trust that this is the hole you will remember most.

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